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We do not raise English Setters anymore.  We retired from raising the dogs in 2013.

This site is a history of 30+ years of memories raising hunting & campaigning English Setter bird dogs.

We want to thank all of the wonderful people that we have met and did business with over the years.


Great pets as well as hunting dogs

Havelock Setters - Since 1980
Where Champions & Great Bird Dogs are bred & raised
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Opening Day Havelock Setters,  English setters  

Opening Day of Pheasant Season - Schorsch Ranch

We have been raising and hunting our English Setters since 1980.  Since the late 1980's our dogs have been competing in and winning field trials all across America.  We hunt our dogs a lot and about 98% of our dogs go to hunters just like you.  These dogs are hunting successfully in the quail habitats of America and Mexico, the grouse woods from New England, to North Carolina and on to Washington, the Chukar hunts of the American West, ptarmigan from Alaska to New Foundland and the pheasant and sharptail grouse fields of the American prairie.  Wherever upland birds of North America are hunted, chances are, you'll find a Havelock Setter.

If you want a loyal pet and companion that delivers performance in the field,
a Havelock Setter is for you. 

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English setters in the shade
Summer Break for our English Setters in the shade - click on pic to enlarge

Our English Setters/champions are smart bird dogs that were easy to train.
Their most valuable assets are their great noses and strong desire to point birds
for the gun. All like to point, pointed early, and back naturally with style. 
Pups are from smart, high tailed, proven mothers with good noses.

We have all wild pheasants on our land and our dogs love to hunt them!!

Purina used
"Champion Havelock Blacksmith"
for several years in their
"Chosen by Champions" ads. 

Q. When do you start training them?
A.  The day you bring them home.  You start with baby steps.  Teaching them Here, how to keep track of you while out walking, house training, playing fetch, house rules, to kennel, etc.  Formal training begins when they seem ready for it, usually around 10 months to a year.  We don't teach our setters to sit until after they are whoa broke.  We train by repetition and consistency, and we don't push them beyond what they are ready for.  Go to Training Tips for more.


Our Friends with Havelock Setters

Molly - J.W....Illinois F.A.........Texas Murphy, S.N....Minnesota
Will - B.B. Oklahoma B.A....Texas J.K.... Minnesota
Winchester, Ptarmigan....Alaska J.F.....Minnesota D.R.....Colorado
CJ...Iowa New York Tucker & Ellie.....North Carolina
J.D. .......... Minnesota C.C. & Dakota......California A.C.. ............. Iowa
J.F. Saskatchewan M.T. .......North Dakota L.G. ...New Mexico
M.E. Montana (all 3 photos)
Lily - Montana Jet.......Minnesota S.D...Minnesota
T.S..........Colorado J.T.B.....North Dakota


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Havelock Setters
6358 111 AV SW
New England, ND 58647

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Havelock Setters
6358 111 AV SW
New England, ND 58647

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